Thursday, April 11, 2013

Detroit Lions sign ‘Kickalicious’ Norwegian kicker Havard Rugland

In some exciting news today in a somewhat rare, unique and awesome story.  The Detroit Lions sign ‘Kickalicious’ Norwegian kicker Havard Rugland. Havard is best known for his YouTube viral video ‘Kickalicious’that now has over 2 million views.

Over 2 years ago, I came across Havard's first kicking video that he created.  I introduced myself and offered any help I could if he needed a kicking coach over there.  We connected soon after and started talking about how he was picking up kicking to give it a try and see if he'd be any good at it.  It was apparent he had a great leg, but had the steps that a typical soccer player would have when first learning to kick a football.  I gave a few virtual lessons on basic kicking mechanics to try to help him get going.  See his 2nd video.  Then the following year we talked about the idea of trying to play collegiate football or seeing if there was a chance for the NFL and if a team would take a chance on him.

At some point soon after he connected with Top Kicking Coach and one of my mentors Michael Husted, who runs National Camp Series and Husted Kicking to come over to the US and train.  Things progressed and Havard got better under Husted's guidance.  Havard was soon invited for kicking tryouts for the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions.

A Husted Kicking Training Photo

Then on April 11, he signed with the Detriot Lions to compete with David Akers.

Congrats Havard, I hope you make the final roster and we can see you kick against my Minnesota Vikings!

Here are a number of News articles on his signing!

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