Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 College Specialist Camps- Kicking, Punting, and Snapping Camps

Here are a list of most of the prominent College Specialists Camps coming up for the summer of 2013. (We don't have every school).  **If you know of another camp that we don't have listed, please email and I'll update the list


All camps are available to any specialist (of almost every grade level 9th-12th) that would like to showcase their abilities and get noticed by the college’s coaching staff.

It is important for you to do research on these schools to find out if the program is a good fit for you academically and athletically.


LSU Specialists Camp - June 1

Ole Miss Kicking Camp- June 5-8

Texas A&M Specialists Camp - June 6

Nebraska Kicking Camp- June 7-8

University of Alabama Specialists Camp - June 8

Texas Tech- June 9

Georgia Tech- June 9

University of Kentucky- June 9

University of Florida- June 9

Youngstown State Kicking Camp - June 9

University of Penn - June 9

UCLA Specialists Camp - June 10

University of Cincinatti Kicking and Longsnapping Camp - June 10

Auburn University- June 10-11

Ohio State University Kicking & Snapping Camp- June 10-12
Baylor University- Punting and Kicking- June 11

Iowa State University Special Teams Camp- June 12

Oklahoma State University- June 12

Troy University- June 12

Northwestern University Kicking Showcase ( In Chicago ) - June 13
Appalachian State Kicking Camp- June 13-14

Tulane University- June 13, 14 or 15- (specifics not provided at time of post)
University of Oregon Specialists Camp - June 15

University of Iowa Kicking Camp- June 15

Arkansas Razorback Football Specialist Camp - June 15

University of Maryland Kicking & Specialists Camp- June 15

Louisville Specialists Camp- June 15-16

Rice University- June 16

University of Utah Kicking & LS Camp- June 17
University of Pittsburgh Specialists Camp- June 18

University of Idaho- June 19

University of Wisconsin- Madison- June 19

Notre Dame Kicking and Longsnapping Camp - June 20

Rutgers Specialists Camp- June 21

University of North Dakota- Individual Skills camp- June 21

University of Miami- June 22

University of South Carolina- June 23

Central Washington University- June 23

Yale Kicking Camp - June 28

Montana State Kicking Camp- June 28

Harvard University Kicking Camp - June 30

Mississippi Gulf Coast Special Teams Camp- July 12-13

LSU Specialists Camp II- July 13

Georgia Tech- July 14

University of Texas at San Antonio– July 17

Baylor University- Punting and Kicking- July 18

Louisiana Tech Kicking Camp- July 19

University of Virginia- July 19-21

Western Kentucky University- Jr/Sr Prospect camp- July 20

Clemson University- TBA

Stony Brook University- TBA

University of San Diego- TBA

From everyone here at Special Teams Football Academy, we'd like to wish Good Luck to everyone that attends these camps.  Stay Focused and do your best!
**We've love to know who saw this list.  Post what state where you are from below**

If you need a quick tune up on Kicking, Punting or Snapping before you go, contact us! 

-Coach Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
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  1. Wow. Great list of Football camps, sites and ticket net source! I am just thinking why the upcoming 5 STAR FOOTBALL YOUTH PLAYER POSITION CLINICS 2013 is not here. I'm very excited about it, anyway. :)


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