Thursday, July 16, 2015

FirstDown PlayBook partners with Special Teams Football Academy

Special Teams Football Academy is really excited to announce its partnership with FirstDown PlayBook as their go to source in Special Teams! 

Established in 2015, FirstDown PlayBook launched as an online playbook tool that enables coaches of all levels to create great playbooks on any device.  All of the amazing plays for offense, defense, 7 on 7, special teams, youth and flag are included in one place to give you a streamlined experience.  They also offer very valuable weekly blog content on all 3 major facets of the game as well as 'game experience and mental training' articles written for coaches and athletes.

From a Special Teams perspective, FirstDown Playbook has over 80 special teams plays available for coaching staffs at the youth, high school and college levels.

Between the online website and app, plays can be purchased or be accessed through a subscription at the touch of a button.  Individual and complete package playbooks are available to be accessed.  You can enjoy everything you need in one simple interface on the FirstDown PlayBook!

FirstDown PlayBook was created by Charlie Coiner.  Charlie coached 9 years in the NFL and another 20 in the NCAA.  Coiner worked on offense, defense, recruiting, and special teams for many major football programs including Texas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Texas Southern, Louisville, LSU as well as had NFL stints with the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills.

We are very excited about our partnership with FirstDown Playbook.  With Charlie's extensive special teams background, it was a 'no brainer' for us to have the opportunity to work together and help develop a special teams relationship with them.

If you feel that your football coaching staff at the Youth, High School and Collegiate level could benefit with more offense, defense and special teams plays, please pass this on to them.

Here is a great write up about our partnership with FirstDown Playbook.

If you have have any questions about FirstDown Playbook, feel free to contact us or reach out to them directly.

Coach Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
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