Thursday, December 27, 2012

Get To Know- Alexi Johnson- Class of 2013

Over the holidays I got to sit down with Alexi Johnson of Shakopee High School and interview him for our 'Get To Know' segment.

Alexi Johnson is a Senior kicker from Shakopee High School in Shakopee, MN.  Alexi earned the starting kicking spot for his high school his Junior year.  Shakopee High School plays in a very competitive conference and an even more competitive playoff section.  Over his 2 years of kicking for his high school, Alexi has seen and experienced it all.  He's played in a number of games that came down to the last kick, and has been able to to execute a number of skilled kicks to help his team win and compete in games.   All of this could not have been done without the hard work and dedication Alexi has put into his kicking training.  I've had the privilege to train Alexi for two years during his Junior and Senior years.  Alexi came to me with a high level soccer background and a very strong leg.  Alexi works very hard at the kicking game and has proven to be on of the most well rounded and top kickers in Minnesota.  With what I've seen in his improvements over the year, he is ready to take his kicking game to the collegiate level. He has become a very accurate and a deep threat kicker.

Alexi has had a pretty decorated career as a high school kicker.  Over his last two years, he's earned various kicking honors such has All State Honorable Mention, All Metro and All Conference, as well being named to the Preseason All Metro Team.  He was the leading scorer for kickers as a junior and 3rd overall kicker in the state in points scored.  Alexi is ranked as one of the top 3 All Around Minnesota Senior Kickers according to National Camp Series evaluation of Kickers and Punters, and was named to the "All Midwest Team" in 2011.  In August 2012, he was named to the "2012 Minnesota Bombers Class" as one of the six top kickers in the state of Minnesota to Watch, according to Special Teams Football Academy.  Alexi also earned a spot on the Top Tier All American Watch List for Kickers. During his senior year he kicked another game winner and set the school record for longest field goal.

We took time to sit down over the holidays to 'Get To Know' Alexi Johnson a bit more after this senior year of football.

What has it been like knowing you were playing in your last high school football season?
It was amazing and odd at the same time, knowing that this would be my final season playing high school sports. It was also pretty cool knowing that what I would do this final season would help me transition to college football.  

How did your season turn out this year?
It went well, but not as well as I had hoped.  I ended up 19-21 on PATs with the two misses blocked, and 6-8 on FGs with one of them blocked. I would have liked to have scored more for my team but they used me when they needed me.

What did you like most about your Senior Year?
The football team became my family and I got to win homecoming for our school!

What will you miss most about your Senior year and high school football?
The adventure of playing under the "Friday night lights" for eight weeks and trying to help my team win games.

Shakopee had a young team this year, what has that experience been like in an almost "Rebuilding year?"
It was hard because we did not have the experience on the offensive line and in some skill positions. On the other hand it was really run to be a part of watching the younger guys begin to step up late in the season and contribute.  This was especially true when we won our last two games against the top two teams in conference.

You had a great year of kicking as a Junior finishing as the top point scoring Junior kicker.  What kind of off season training did you do to prepare yourself for this year?
I went on a weight lifting program at school. I went to several camps as well. Finally, I worked with Coaches Husby and Mehlhaff on a regular basis to perfect my skills.

Based on your strong Junior year, it appeared that your coach trusted you in the kicking game and gave you a number of opportunities to kick this year, how did that make you feel?
It gave me much more confidence when I kicked. My coaches made it clear that I would be a clear contributor to the team and it was a good feeling knowing they could rely on me.

What kind of "in season" training did you do to stay on top of your kicking game?
I decreased my workload in the weightroom but worked a lot more on technical skills. I would watch film from each game and work to correct mistakes I may have made in the previous game.

What are some of your personal and team highlights from this season?
I kicked the game winning last second field goal to win Homecoming. I set the school record for the longest field goal in Shakopee history. 
Our running back Nick Larson ran for over 1100 yards which was a testament to our offensive line. We also bounced back from some early disappointments to win two huge games against the best two teams in conference.
What are your goals for playing collegiate football?  Have you thought about a degree you may want to pursue?
I would like to play either at the Division 1 or Division 2 level, and start for a team as soon as I am ready. In college I hope to pursue degrees in sports training and political science.

Have you had any college contacts yet based on the season you are having?
Yes I have had visits with Mankato, SMSU, Northern State, UW Stout, St. Johns, and St. Scholastica.

What are a few things you have learned about the college recruiting process that you didn't know before?
It has been interesting to learn all the NCAA rules about when coaches can talk to me and when they cannot. It has been fun to talk to all the different programs and learn when they have to offer.

What have been some highlights from your high school career individually?  And as a team?
  • Two game winning last second FGs in the past two years.
  • A successful onsides kick to put us in position to win a game in 2012
  • Being named all-metro and all-state honorable mentions in 2011
  • Being named to the Kare11 pre-season all metro team
  • Winning conference two times in three years and the first time in 30 years
  • Winning the first playoff game for Shakopee in 30 years.
What were some of your kicking statistics this season as well as your Career Statistics?

23, 29,27, 37, 19, 26 
9/18 = 50.0% 
30, 32 
* * *  

What are you doing to get yourself ready to kick next year?
Beginning to lift weights again after taking time off at the end of the season. I will be kicking as much as possible this winter in domes, and then outside when the weather warms.
Here is a fun video of Alexi kicking the game winning field goal in one of our camp's last man standing contests!

It's been a pleasure to work with Alexi over the last 2 years.  As he goes through the steps to find the college that fit him best, I have no doubt in my mind that Alexi will succeed as a kicker and make a difference for that football program.  Good luck.

-Coach Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
Special Teams Football Academy  
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Featured in CBS News Sports Segment

In November, Special Teams Football Academy and Coach Chris Husby was Featured in the Sports Segment of the Minnesota based CBS News- WCCO (Channel 4).

Sports anchor John Lauritsen met up with Coach Chris Husby and a few of the metro area's best kickers: Patrick, LeCorre, Danny Laudet, Jon Coppens and Alexi Johnson to find out more about Special Teams Football Academy and how they are helping train the kickers, punters and snappers to be some of the best in the state.

It was a fun and great opportunity to meet John and was an exciting highlight for the kicking academy and a nice way to cap off a busy and prosperous year.

To read the article and see the news segment kick below.**
Read Article and See Video Here.

**The news segment was produced and created by CBS.  CBS Owns Copyright.  Coach Husby also purchased the video from the holding company. Video is intended to share in the excitement of the news coverage with friends and family.  For more information on Minnesota news and sports, check out

Recruiting Tips 2012

We get a lot of questions about the high school recruiting process and there is so much information out there.  I've found that NCSA offers some great tips on the college recruiting process.  They put out a number of great YouTube videos as teaching points.   Below is a list of great resources that can help you learn more about the college recruiting process.  I'll post the subject line to the video, and if you want to read/watch it, just click on the title.

I will say that these are general comments for football players of all positions.  But the recruiting process for kickers, punters and snappers is a little different and at times done a little bit later in the year.  Sometimes specialists aren't always high on the priority list to snatch up first like a 5 start QB or RB is.  But some big time Division 1 programs do recruit the top kickers in the nation as Juniors.  But I think it is still important to be active in the recruiting process as early as you can and try to get on college coaches radars.

This will also be a growing list of Recruiting information:

    7.   How do coaches use Junior Days?  **Excellent video for anyone

    I hope these videos were helpful.  Let me know which of these videos were the MOST helpful or if they need to add to this list..

    -Coach Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy  
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    Wednesday, December 5, 2012

    State Championship- Special Teams Player of the Week

    The Minnesota State Championship wrapped up with a number of close games.  Minnesota has 7 classes and none had a hotter finish than the game between Caledonia and Moose Lake-Willow River of Class 2A.  Going into the 4th quarter with Caledonia down 15-22, they fought back scoring a touchdown bringing the score to tie the game at 22-22.  Then like many exciting games, it came down to a last chance field goal to win it.  And for this reason, we have named Levi Schmitz our special teams player of week.  Levi lines up for a 24 yard field goal with 1 second left and drills it!  Caledonia wins 25-22.  Helping Caledonia 3 peat as State Champions.  Levi finishes the game with 1 PAT and 2 Field Goals of 37 and 25 yards for 7 points.  Congratulations Levi!

    Minnesota State High School League

    Honorable Mention Performances

    1. Jackson Richards- Totino Grace- 7 for 7 PATs- 7 points
    2. Marcus Hahn- Hutchinson-  7 for 10 PATs- 7 points
    3. Felix Harseim- Blue Earth- 3 for 4 PATs and 1 Field Goal (36 yards)- 6 points

    -Coach Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy  
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    Patrick LeCorre Breaks Kicking Records

    Congrats to one of our student kickers, Patrick LeCorre of Edina High School, he tied for 3rd in the State of MN Record books for Most Made Field Goals in a Regular Season with 13, and ranks 7th in the state already with Career Fields Made with 14.  What's even more interesting is the fact that Patrick is also only a Sophomore! Patrick finished his season making 13 field goals and going 23 for 25 on PATs.  Five of his 13 field goals were 40 yards or longer!  He even broke the school record at Edina with 13 Field Goals in a season. 

    A Patrick Le Corre Field Goal

    Here is the link to see the Special Teams Minnesota State Records.  Patrick finished the year as the 2nd leading scorer in the state.  He also ranked in the Top 25 for field goals made in the nation according to  Patrick earned All Conference, and All State Honorable Mention Honors, as well as was named "Special Teams Player of the Year" for the 2nd year in a row on this Edina Team. Patrick was also named to the "2012 All-Pioneer Press HS Team" honorable mention list as a kicker.

    Patrick held most of the Kickoff duties as well and finished with 5 touch backs on 38 kickoffs.  "Patrick is a special kicker with a bright future.  He's a huge contributor to his team already at a young age.  He's going to get so many varsity game kicking experiences by the end of this high school career, it would make any Division 1 coach excited.  He should be on the short list for many college programs," say his kicking coach Chris Husby

    Patrick has worked very hard this last off season on his kicking game and has also performed very well at kicking evaluation camps.

    • Patrick earned a spot on the Top Tier All American Watch List for Kickers. 
    • Patrick is ranked as the top All Around Minnesota Sophomore in according to National Camp Series evaluation of Kickers and Punters.
    • In August 2012, he was named to the "2012 Minnesota Bombers Class" as one of the six top kickers in the state of Minnesota to Watch, according to Special Teams Football Academy.

    Minnesota Bomber's 2012 Class

     To top off a great individual year for Patrick, his football team, the Edina Hornets, finished ranked #1 in the state of MN in Class 6A, and qualified for the State Tournament.

    We are really proud of Patrick's accomplishments this year, and are excited to see how the rest of his kicking career turns out in the next few years.
    Great Fan Support!
    -Coach Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy  
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    Friday, November 30, 2012

    How To Make A Highlight Film- For Specialists

    How To Make A Highlight Film- For Specialists

    Making a highlight film is probably the most popular question we receive at Special Teams Football Academy.  Here is a reference guide to creating a highlight film for kickers, punters and long snappers. But please know that you can apply these ideas to any position and any sport.

    Photo borrowed from

    Many of the tips have been accumulated from various sources:  Recruiting and Kicking Coaches,, and Our Personal Experiences.

    Steps on How To Make A Highlight Film:
    • Put your best stuff first.  Recruiters/Coaches may only give you 2 minutes to impress them.  Show them your Wow Factor!
    • Try to make your video between 2-5 minutes in length.
    • Have a short intro slide.
    • For Kickers-  Show your 5-6 longest FGs first.  Then show your top 5-6 kickoffs (or show KOs first if you have a few kickoffs that sail out of the back of the end zone), and then finish with your best PATs.  Show a few onside, pooch and squib kicks.
    • For Punters-  Show your longest and best hang time punts first.  If you were versatile in corner, directional and pooch punts show those as well.  Show your best punts when you punt out of the end zone.  Coaches want to see how you hand that pressure.  No need to show punts that fly 20 yards and roll 30 yards.  You can show those 50 yard punts that roll, if the punt flew 35+ yards. 
    • For Kickers/Punters- You'll have to decide what you want to show first between punts or kicks.
    • For Long Snappers- Show your most accurate snaps first.  Show punt snaps first since they are more difficult.  If you make a tackle or help with a tackle after a punt snap show that.  Show your best short snaps too.  If you play any other positions, I would put 1-2 minutes of game film from your other positions so you can show a coach you are a multidimensional player.
    • Start the clip a couple seconds before the snap. Give the coach a few seconds to scan the field, locate where you are, although it should be obvious to find you if you are a kicker or punter. And let the play go to the end.
    • There isn't a big need for major special effects, but if you can add a circle or arrow next to you on the film, that will give the recruiter a quicker point of reference.  If you can, highlight the flight of the ball too.  Some game film isn't the clearest.   
    • Here is an interesting point of reference if found on  I semi disagree, but I see their point.  If you want to put your stats first, only make the slides 2-3 seconds long, but maybe reiterate your stats at the end. 
      • *DON'T: Put your stats/honors at beginning of the reel- No player has ever earned a scholarship offer based on all-star selections. It is fine to list stats and awards at the end of your reel. But again, coaches want to see your clips when they hit "play."
    • Make a slide listing your current season’s stats and your rank in the state (ie- Had 50 points kicking and was the #4 ranked kicker in the state).
    • Make a slide listing your last years stats if you’d like to show them
    • Make a slide showing any awards you have received from your performances in season, or from kicking or other football camps.
    • Include ranks and star ratings that you have earned from the Showcase/Evaluation camps you have attended. (ie- Finish #2 overall kicker at camp ABC, or Ranked 3rd best kicker according to Company XYZ).
    • If you created your highlight film on HUDL, make sure you buy your highlight film file so you can put it on YouTube.  Depending on your HUDL settings, outsiders may needs your log in and password.  If a password is needed, it's best to just buy the package so you own the video. College coaches are busy, make things easy on them.
    • Send Coach Husby the file of your highlight film or a link to your YouTube Highlight film so he can keep it on file for college coaches.  Or give it to any coach you want to have your highlight film.
    • If you have highlight film from the previous year, connect that link in the body/notes area of your YouTube video so coaches have a chance to see that.
    • List contact information for you, your parents, High School Coach and any private coaches that helped train you.  Include your home address, phone numbers and e-mails, your parents and your coaches contact information is essential at end of the highlights.  You should include this in writing in the packet you send out, but it also should be included on your highlight film. **If you trained with Chris Husby and his staff privately, at clinics or at camps, you may list him as a reference.  You can list his phone number and email.  Also give him (or any referral contact) a heads up you are using him as a referral so they are ready for any potential calls or emails.
    Here is an example of Coach Husby's highlight film from college.

    • If you need to hire a highlight video expert, there is no one I trust more than, Craig Norkus of  To read more about him and to contact him, please click here.  Refer Special Teams Football Academy and receive a discount.

    We'd love to hear about any of your feed back on this article.  Please post below or email

    Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy 

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    Thursday, November 29, 2012

    Winter Kicking Clinics in Minnesota- 2012-2013

    Special Teams Football Academy will running a series of indoor dome training sessions between December-March - 2012-2013.  The dates of the camp are below and will be updated weekly.

    These clinics are for Kickers, Punters and Snappers (and holders) that want to continue training over the winter and have space to train.

    To keep training all winter register Here

    Watch our video to find out more:

    We will have some of our coaches in attendance to work with you on various training techniques.
    You may attend and get training with our staff or attend on your own and use the field to kick without instruction.

    For beginners to advanced specialists.
    Ages High School, College, and Youth.  We have a number of coaches available to train kids of all levels.

    Clinic Dates
    • Sun, December 9- Maple Grove Sports Dome- 12:30 PM- 2:00 PM - Completed
    • Sat, December 29- Maple Grove Sports Dome- 5:00 PM- 6:30 PM - Completed
    Upcoming Clinics
    • Sat, February 9- West St Paul Sports Dome- 4:00-5:00 PM 
    • Sun, February 10- Maple Grove Sports Dome- 1:30- 3:00 PM 
    • Sat, February 23- Savage Sports Dome-2:00-3:00 PM
    • Sun, March 3- Maple Grove Sports Dome- 2:00- 3:00 PM 
    • Sat, March 30- Savage Sports Dome-1:00-2:30 PM
    Register Here.

    Location Addresses
    Maple Grove Sports Dome- 9880 Fernbrook Lane N, Maple Grove, MN
    Savage Sports Center- 6000 McColl Drive, Savage, MN
    West St Paul Sports Dome- 1616 Humboldt Ave, West St Paul, MN

    This can also be an opportunity for you to get film of you kicking too, to update your highlight film or get on going updated film.

    If you have any questions please contact Coach Husby at 651-353-2660 or

    -Coach Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy  
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    Six Students earn Minnesota All State Honors

    6 Special Teams Football Academy Students earn MN All State Honors

    Congratulations to a number of our kickers who earned a spot on the AP MN All State Football list. All these athletes have either received 1 on 1 training or attended one of our camps over the last 2 years. We feel blessed to have made some sort of impact in their kicking careers.

    First Team: Wyatt Schmidt
    Second Team: Bill Leitch
    Honorable Mention: Patrick Lecorre, Reid Taubenheim, Eric Tusa and Danny Laudet

    See the AP All State List Here  

    Congrats guys!  We are very proud of you!

    -Coach Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy  
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    Friday, November 23, 2012

    State Semifinals- Special Teams Player of the Week

    Wyatt Schmidt of St Thomas Academy, has shown again why he is the best kicker in the state of Minnesota. Wyatt again played a major role in his team's State Semifinal Game, who's team unfortunately came up short in a 27-30 loss.  But if it weren't for Wyatt's kicking, the game wouldn't have been as close.  Wyatt went 3 for 3 on PATs and made both of his 2 field goals (41 & 28 yards respectively) for a total of 9 points. This is the 5th time Wyatt has earned our Special Teams Player of the Week honors.  Wyatt had a great season.  He made 100% of his PATs and Field Goals (13 field goals made) this season.  Congratulations Wyatt, you have a bright future as a kicker!

    Wyatt Schmidt attempting an Extra Point

    Honorable Mention Performances:
    1. Jon Coppens- Holy Family- 7 for 7 PATs- 7 points
    2. Nick Kubesh- BOLD- 3 for 3 PATs and 1 field goal (41 yards)- 6 points
    3. Colton Schock- Owatonna- 1 for 2 PATs and 1 field goal (31 yards)- 6 points
    4. Felix Harseim- Blue Earth Area- 3 for 3 PATs and 1 field (28 yards)- 6 points
    5. Seth Sullwold- Totino Grace- 2 for 2 PATs and 1 field goal (27 yards)- 5 points

    -Coach Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy  
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    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Coach Husbys Kickers Reach State Tournament

    When the regular Football Season ends, the playoff runs begin.  This is a time that many athletes dream and train for.  A chance to see if their personal and team's training and season momentum can carry them into a deep playoff run.  The Minnesota & Wisconsin High School Football season ended a few weeks ago and many of the teams competed for a chance at the state tournament.  As a coach, Chris Husby and his staff's ultimate goal is to help put their athletes in a position to achieve their personal and team goals.  This year was a great year.  Many of the athletes they helped train made it to the Section Playoff Championship Game, and even advance to the State playoffs.  Kickers and punters that Coach Husby and his staff has helped train have continued to perform at a high level and help their team advance far into the playoffs. 
    MSHSL Logo

    The following list are kickers & punters that have trained with Coach Husby and his staff at various private lessons, small group clinics, camps, or other aspects of consultation whose team made it to the state tournament.
    1. Patrick Le Corre- Edina- K
    2. Aaron Clifford- Edina- K
    3. Clay Elmore- Wayzata- K
    4. Jannik Frederiksen- Wayzata- K
    5. Brooks Rennie- Wayzata- P
    6. Jon Coppens- Holy Family- K
    7. Wyatt Schmidt- St Thomas Academy- K/P
    8. Michael Loncar- Hudson- P (team made state semi finals although still considered Sections)
    9. Bill Leitch- Mankato West- K
    10. Austin Moon- Moorhead- P
    11. Paul Cheney- Apple Valley- K
    12. Eric Tusa- Prior Lake- K
    13. Stuart Hamann- Lakeville North- K
    14. Tim Vassallo- Rochester Lourdes- K
    15. Michael Brandt- Rochester Lourdes- K
    16. Connor McNallan- Bemidji- K/P
    17. Joe Matejcek- Bethlehem Academy- K
    Congratulations to each of you, it's quite and honor and opportunity to play in the state tournament. 

    -Coach Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy  
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    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    State Quarterfinals- Special Teams Player of the Week

    Wyatt Schmidt continues to be a name you hear about in the football world this season.  A senior at St Thomas Academy, Wyatt is having a great year as an all around athlete, but more notably a kicker. In the Minnesota State Quarterfinals, Wyatt contributed in their win against Elk River.  Wyatt was one of the leading scorers in kicking this week going 3 for 3 on PATs and Kicking a 23 yard field goal for a total of 6 points.  Wyatt earns our Special Teams Player of the Week honors for the Minnesota State Quarterfinals.  Congrats and good luck in the State Semi Finals!

    Honorable Mention Specialists
    1. Nick Bahls- Perham- 6 for 6 PATs- 6 points 
    2. Brennan Lafeber- Hill Murray- 2 for 3 PATs and 1 Field Goal (32 yards)- 5 points
    3. Hunter Cobb- Lakeville North- 2 for 3 PATs and 1 Field Goal (26 yards)- 5 points 
    4. Daiton Johnson- New London- Spicer- 2 for 2 PATs and 1 Field Goal (23 yards)- 5 points
    5. Clay Elmore- Wayzata- 5 for 5 PATs- 5 points

    -Coach Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy  
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    January Kicking Camp- Southern Specialists Camp- January 12, 2013

    If you are looking for a kicking camp that will provide you great instruction, live game situations, a film session, and exposure then mark your calendars for January 12, 2013. Team Jackson Kicking and Special Teams Football Academy are teaming up to provide kickers, punters, long snappers, and holders a chance refine their skills in Atlanta, Georgia. This camp will also allow you to tune up for the other major winter Kicking Evaluation Camps.

    Camp Location: Carrollton High School
    Camp Details below:

    January 12, 2013 (SAT) 8:30 AM-5 PM

    Details: This will be the PREMIER SPECIALIST CAMP that is being conducted by two well-respected kicking organizations. Team Jackson Kicking and Special Teams Football Academy are teaming up to provide kickers, punters, long snappers, and holders a chance to receive detailed instruction.  Whether you are a beginner or experienced specialist, this camp will provide you with a number a off season training techniques to help you prepare for your summer and upcoming season. The AM session will be geared more towards instruction and drills. The PM session will comprise of an overview of previous drill work, live game situations, and will cap the camp off with a competition that will be videotaped. Competition results will be posted to both TJK and SPFBA websites!

    Grisham Stadium (Field Turf) Carrollton High School
    202 Trojan Drive
    Carrollton, GA 30117 (30 miles West of Atlanta, GA)

    Available for aspiring Kickers, Punters, Long Snappers, Holders of all skill levels.
    Grades 7th-12th & College levels welcome.

    Confirmed Instructors
    • Brian Jackson- Ball State University- 46 game starter PK, 2006 MAC Special Teams Player of the Year, Chicago Bears Camp May '07, 54 games played in the AFL/AF2. 
    • Chris Husby - University of St Thomas- 2004 Team "Special Teams" MVP, 2x MIAC Player of the Week, 6 year NFL Free Agent Punter- Various League Tryouts, 2009 NAFL National Champions with St Paul Pioneers, 2x All American Bowl (Held in MN) Specialists Coach. 
    • Cody Mandell - University of Alabama- Punter- Junior- As a Soph 36 punts for a 38.9 ave. and 11 punts I-20. Earned the punting duties for the Crimson Tide as a walk-on true freshman  and earned Freshman All-SEC honors. Instructs at TJK camps (April 12). 
    • JJ Jackson (Film and PK) - Lander University (SC) -Played college soccer and worked numerous Kicking camps with TJK. 
    • Justin Forrister - Georgia State- Longsnapper as Red Shirt Freshman.
    Film Sessions:
    During the camp we will hold a 45-60 minute film session displaying collegiate and professional film of our staff members. We will break down proper technique for all aspects of the kicking game, including field goals, punts, kickoffs, and snaps. We will also discuss the importance of operation time, as this is crucial in the kicking game. 

    There will be competitions for all specialists during the Southern Specialists Camp, some of which will be videotaped for players to use to send out to college coaches. The camper favorite 'Last Man Standing' will be one of the events. This competition have been known to end at 60 yards or more! There will be prizes for the winners of the competitions that will range from shirts to trophies and even some muscle gel packs.
    College Recruiting:
    We are also allowed to have college coaches from Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, and JUCO in attendance. We have sent out numerous invites and have already received confirmations. Of those confirmations the below have confirmed attending:
    Univ. of West GA (DIV 2)
    Millsaps (MS) (DIV 2)
    Henderson St. (ARK) (DIV 3)
    Clark Atlanta (DIV 2)
    Mississippi College (DIV 3)
    Fond Du Lac Tribal & Community College (MN) (JUCO)- wants recommendations
    ALA State (DIV 1AA, Can’t attend, but wants recommendations of a PK and LS after the camp)
    More to come…..Check back to this blog as it will be updated each week leading up to the camp!

    Kicker/Punter Registration
    REGULAR Rate              $200- BY JAN. 4
    LATE Registration           $225- BY JAN. 12

    Snapper Registration
    REGULAR Rate              $125- AFTER JAN. 4

    College/ JUCO Specialists
    REGULAR Rate               $175- AFTER JAN. 4

    Reserve a spot Here.

    Refund Policy: Camp registrations will be refunded in FULL by December 28.  After Dec. 28, there will be NO REFUNDS.

    PLAYERS: BRING: Shoes, Cleats for turf, 2 Footballs (marked with your name), Kickoff/Field Goal stands and blocks, weather appropriate clothing and water bottle.


    8:30-9:15      Registration (Players receive shirts)
    9:15-9:30      Camp Welcome (Parents & Players)
    9:30-12:00    AM Session (DEMOS, INSTRUCTION, DRILLWORK)
    12:00-12:45  Lunch/Break (Players provide own lunch)
    12:45-1:30    Film Session (Conference Room)
    1:30-4:30      PM Session (OVERVIEW, LIVE SITUATIONS, COMPETE)
    4:30-5:00      Camp Closure (Evaluation sheets to players, Awards)

    Closest Airports - Atlanta, GA- Montgomery, AL- Birmingham, AL

    HOTEL DISCOUNT - Jameson Inn, KEYWORD 'Kicking Camp' to receive room discount.
    700 South Park Street Carrollton, GA 30117
    (770) 834-2600

    Register Here.
    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our camp! 
    -Coach Chris Husby and Brian Jackson

    More Info:
    -Coach Chris Husby
    Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
    Special Teams Football Academy  
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