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2016 Minnesota Bombers Top Specialists Class

Meet the 2016 Minnesota Bombers Class!

15 Minnesota Kickers, Punters and Snappers earned a spot on the 2016 Class of Minnesota Bombers Top Specialists Group.  

This fall is our 5th Annual Minnesota Bombers Class.  15 Minnesota Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers earned a spot in the exclusive 2016 Class of Minnesota Bombers group.  Being a "Minnesota Bomber" means that these specialists have been recognized in having great kicking and snapping abilities and are some of Minnesota's Best ‘All Around’ Kickers, Punters and Snappers for their graduating classes.  They have a bright future as a high school athlete as well as the tools and skill set to play at a high collegiate level.

Class of 2017 (Seniors)
Austin Solors- Elk River High School-  Austin has a cannon for a leg.  He brings a lot of power into each kick and is very accurate on field goals.  Can kick a nice deep kickoff for multiple touchbacks.  Developing into a great punter too.

Chase Sullivan- Mahtomedi High School- Chase is a very talented kicker with a nice smooth approach on both kicks and punts.  Big kickoff leg for consistent touchbacks and clutch on field goals.  A developing punter which will make him a nice triple threat.

Eddie Ogamba- Cooper High School- Big leg with a lot power and gets great height on each kick.  Can kick it into the end zone numerous times.  Range of 50 yards off the ground.  Has really developed nicely over last 2 years. High ceiling for growth.

Grant Ryerse- East Ridge High School-  Grant is a very talented specialist.  The top combo kicker/punter in the state. Gets phenomenal height and distance on his kickoffs for consistent deep touchbacks.  Max range of 80 yards.  Has been one of the best in his class since 7th grade.  He has a great demeanor about him and handles game situations very well.  Committed to kick for the Minnesota Gophers on scholarship.  

Kenny Watkins- Rosemount High School-  A strong kicker known for getting phenomenal hang time on his kickoffs and field goals.  Can be counted on for consistent touchbacks and long range field goals when needed.

Logan Bruce- Rosemount High School- Long Snapper/Center/Nose Guard- Very strong, accurate long snapper with a lot of zip on his snaps.  Covers the field well on punt snaps.  Great leader, athlete and team captain.  Developing nicely and will be a special college athlete.

Tyler DeFor- Mankato West High School- Very talented specialist.  Big leg that gets great height on his kickoffs for a high percentage of touchbacks. Has a very accurate leg for field goals.  Love his future potential.  A lot of kicking experience playing on a powerful Mankato Squad.

Will Wright- Cooper High School- Long Snapper/Center- Very good long snapper. Very accurate, accountable and consistent.  Hard working 2-year captain and leader.  Great future as a college snapper.

Class of 2018 (Juniors)
Aaron Salmon- Cleveland High School- A starting varsity kicker since the 8th grade.  Aaron kicks for (9-man) Cleveland HS. Aaron is a talented combo kicker/punter who already brings consistency, power and long range distance on his kicking and punting.  He is a very polished kicker for his age and still has room to improve.

Matthew Jaeger- Armstrong High School- Matthew brings a big leg to the Armstrong team. He has a field goal range over 55 yards and a consistent touchback ability on kickoffs. He is developing as one of the top kickers in his class in Minnesota and Nationally.

Class of 2019 (Sophomores)
John Copeland- St Thomas Academy- John is a very talented kicker.  Big leg with deep kickoff range and a field goal range of 55 yards.  Gets great height on many of his kicks who is developing quickly.

Mason Lowell- St Thomas Academy- Mason is a very gifted punter with incredible flexibility, power and technique that can already turn over a punt 35-45 yards.  Rare to see a sophomore with this punting talent. 

Nathan Willis- Eagan High School- A young talented kicker that has a bright future.  A field goal range of 45+ yards and a kickoff ability to put the ball close to the end zone.  Kicks with a lot of power and accuracy.

Trevor Redmond- Mounds View High School- Athletic Specialist as a running back, kicker and punter.  Young and talented kicker with a promising future as a kicker. He has a very accurate leg on fields with a 45-50 yard range already. One of the top all around underclassmen.

Class of 2020 (Freshman)
Hunter Dustman- St Francis High School- Hunter has a phenomenal leg. Starting kicker since 8th grade with a kickoff range of 60-65 yards already. Great height on kicks and punts.

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Congratulations to everyone!

Coach Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
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