Friday, July 24, 2020

Class of 2020 College Commitments

We are very proud and excited to announce our Class of 2020 'College Bound' Special Teams Football Academy students. 

As our 9th year of training athletes comes to a close, I am very blessed to have been able to train so many kickers, punters and long snappers over these last 10 years.  This is our biggest class of Seniors that I and our staff have helped train.

We are proud to announce our 'college bound' student athletes from the Class of 2020.  This list will continue to grow as we add more commitments.

  • xxx (K/P)- xx HS (MN)- University of xx (D1)
  • More to be added soon...

We've also had a number of kickers/punters/long snappers that have attended our camps across the USA that have earned a college football opportunity and we are happy to be a part of their skill development and collegiate recruiting process!

  • More to be added soon...

We have a Top Notch Coaching Staff (in the Midwest) with experience that ranges from NFL training to elite Collegiate Careers, that are here to train you and that have developed a reputation as the 'Go To' training organization in the Midwest.

Trainees continuing a sports career in college in another sport:
  • More to be added soon...
  • More to be added soon...

Special Teams Football Academy student of ours, is one that we actively train and/or help with the college recruiting process.  All of these athletes have been a part of the Special Teams Football Academy program between 3 months to 6 years.  We value the loyalty we get from our athletes and parents and the opportunities and results we have been able to help produce for them.

We believe that no athlete is the same.  We train each specialist individually to bring out their strengths and maximize their abilities.

Last year, we helped find 86% of our Class of 2018 specialists an opportunity to play college football (even if they ended up choosing another sport to play or not continuing on).

Thank you for your trust in training your athlete!

Coach Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
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