Monday, September 17, 2018

2018 Minnesota Bombers Top Specialists Class

Meet the 2018 Minnesota Bombers Class!

16 Minnesota Kickers, Punters and Snappers earned a spot on the 2018 Minnesota Bombers Top Specialists Group.  

This fall is our 7th Annual Minnesota Bombers Class.  16 Minnesota Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers earned a spot in the exclusive 2018 Class of Minnesota Bombers.  Being a "Minnesota Bomber" means that these specialists have been recognized in having great kicking and snapping abilities and are some of Minnesota's Best ‘All Around’ Kickers, Punters and Snappers for their graduating classes.  They have a bright future as a high school athlete as well as the tools and skill set to play at a high collegiate level.

2018 Bomber Class (L to R)- Front Row- Milz, Halaska, Samuel, Hyde, Crosby, Whiting, Willis  Back Row- Husby, Copeland, Shpak, Dustman, Kallerup, Sanders, Limburg, Reynolds, Becka  Not Pictured:  Simon
Class of 2019 (Senior)
Ben Limburg- Rochester Lourdes High School- Ben has a very strong and accurate leg. A very consistent kicker who can play at the next level.

Cole Milz- Bemidji High School- Very strong punter who continues to develop as his technique improves.  Very talented specialist who has more room to be exceptional.

Dmitri Shpak- Maple Grove High School- Very strong and accurate combo specialist.  Has a very high ceiling and as his technique keeps getting better will really blossom at the college level.

Joe Mather- St Paul Highland Park High School- Long Snapper- Joe has developed into a very talented long snapper.  Very accurate and snaps with great velocity. He's a very versatile athlete who can do a lot.

John Copeland- St Thomas Academy - John has developed as one of the top senior kickers who has a very exceptional kicking leg.  He can kick a consistent touchback and has a long range field goal ability.

Jonathan Halaska- Bloomington Jefferson High School - A very talented combo specialist in kicking and punting.  Can do all 3 kicks very well and is developing nicely.

Nathan Willis- Eagan High School- A talented kicker with a very consistent field goal leg and range of 50+ yards.  Very strong kickoff ability and great leg speed.

Nick Kallerup- Wayzata High School- Long Snapper- Very talented multi dimensional athlete.  Snaps the ball with fantastic velocity and accuracy. Already receiving a lot of D1 interest.

Reid Sanders- Wayzata High School- Reid has blossomed as a combo specialist with his biggest strength as a punter.  Very bright future as he continues to develop. He will be a very accountable combo kicker.

Class of 2020 (Junior)

Hunter Dustman- St Francis High School- One of the top combo specialists in the state of Minnesota and Nation.  Deep field goal range and kickoff leg that can already kick consistent touchbacks. A junior who is already D1 ready. Exciting specialist to watch.

Louis Hyde- Benilde St Margaret's High School- Louis is a great kicker and has developed nicely over time.  Very strong leg and accuracy on field goals.

Nathan Whiting- Rosemount High School- Strong kicker with a bright future. Very talented on both field goal and kickoff range. Calm under pressure with a high ceiling.

Theo Crosby- SMB High School- Very strong kicker that is developing into a consisten punter as well.  Great hang time on kickoffs and field goals and has a bright future.

Class of 2021 (Sophomore)

Connor Reynolds- Eden Prairie High School-  Connor is a very talented underclassman combo specialist on the rise.  He is already very consistent at both kicker and punter.

Josh Simon- Woodbury High School- Very talented kicker and punter combo.  Keeps getting better with time.

Class of 2022 (Freshman)

Ben Samuel- Mounds View High School-  Ben is an exceptional freshman kicker with a big leg and bright future.  Already has a deep range as an underclassman.

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Congratulations to everyone!

Coach Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
Special Teams Football Academy
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