Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kicker, Punter, Snapper- 12 Week-Off Season Strength Flexibility Workout Program (2016)

Special Teams Football Academy is proud to announce our 2nd generation 12 Week Off Season Strength, Power and Flexibility Workout Program for Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers

Special Teams Football Academy and Relentless Force Fitness have teamed up with years of training experience to bring you a comprehensive workout plan designed specifically for specialists.  Lifts and agility drills are designed to improve and strengthen core muscles needed to excel as a kicker, punter and long snapper.  This 12 week program is a plan that includes lifts, agility drills and warm ups. 

The off season program comes in a printable e-book which includes a 12 weeks dynamic gym guided program, a dynamic warm up, flexibility routine and 2 part ladder workout. This program will give you everything you'll need in your Off Season Training. 

The workouts can be done by using common gym equipment that can be found in any high school, college, or public gym. 

Purchase Training Book: Here

Soon we'll be unveiling a workout plan for: In Season, Post Season, Pre-Season, as well as plans that focus on agility and core strength.

Sample of part of the work out
The Off-Season Program Details:

The 12-week Off-Season Program focuses on building a solid foundation of endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, SAQ (Speed-Agility-Quickness) and sport-specific movement based on particular performance attributes required for punting, kicking and long snapping at the highest levels. Completion of this initial phase of training will lead to gains in overall endurance, muscle size and strength, improved range of motion and flexibility. This will set the stage for pre-season training, the next 12-week phase. Pre-season training will focus on building advanced strength and explosive power.

Purchase our 12 week intensive Workout Plan, and take your skill to the NEXT LEVEL: Here

Special Teams Football Academy will Give YOU the EDGE in Special Teams! 

For more information about this workout program and others, please contact Coach Chris Husby. After being purchased, workout program will be emailed out to you.

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Coach Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
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