Sunday, December 8, 2013

Collegiate Football- The Freshman Experience- Alexi Johnson

Get To Know Our Freshman Collegiate Specialists

In this installment we interview Alexi Johnson, who is currently at St Johns University.  Alexi had a great year kicker as a freshman and was one of the conference leaders in kicking.

Kicking for St Johns University.
A short and sweet interview:
1. Name of your School: St Johns University

2. What high school did you attend? Shakopee High School

3. The very first collegiate football practice, I felt… a little out of place, nervous and wondering if I was really good enough to do this.

4. Athletic Status (True Freshman or Redshirt): True Freshman

5. If not Red Shirted, have you had a chance to play in a game yet? Yes, I am the starter.

6. Biggest memory/moment so far your freshman year? I got the opportunity to kick a game winner for my team on my first field of my career.

7. The 2 biggest differences between high school and college football:  It's a lot faster. You have to be the ball off a lot faster too.

8. What did you work on most prior to the start of your college year?  I worked a lot harder on kickoffs the most before I got to college.

9. Best advice you received to prepare you for collegiate football:  There are going to be bad days playing football. But you have to fight through it and keep working hard.

Kicking for Shakopee High School

10. Most memorable moment as a high school athlete. Kicking the game winner in my final homecoming game after we camp back from being down 14 points.

11. 2 Biggest Role Models:  My soccer coach Mark Teslow and my cousin Robbie

12. Three songs you need to listen to before each game: Tom Ford, Till I Collapse, Day 'n Nite

Celebrating after his game winning field in his first collegiate game.

Congrats on a great season.

Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
Special Teams Football Academy
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