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Northern Specialist Kicking Camp Recap | Top Camp Performers | Jan 2015

Northern Specialist Kicking Camp Recap | Top Camp Performers | Jan 2015

NSC 2015 Recap

Immediate Press Release 

January 30, 2015 Northern Specialist Recap  

The 2nd annual Northern Specialist Camp was run January 17, 2015 with 52 kickers, punters and snappers that attended the one day evening event. The camp was held in conjunction with two kicking/punting/snapping businesses in Team Jackson Kicking and Special Teams Football Academy. Coach Christopher Husby runs STFA, whose training primarily covers the North/Midwest and Coach Brian Jackson runs TJK, whose training primarily covers the Southeast. Campers from 3 different states were in attendance (MN, WI, IA and SD) which had a variety of veterans and beginners. There were several guys that performed exceptionally well and need to be on college football teams watch lists and recruiting boards in all the major classes of JUCO, 2015, 2016,  2017 and 2018! See Camp Videos and Write Ups Below. 

Northern Specialist Camp Group Photo

The campers had a chance to embrace great instruction, guidance and camaraderie with other Professional and Collegiate Specialists at this camp. Our coaching staff members with experience ranging from D1, D2, NAIA and NFL level training. Staff Pic below:

Detailed Instructed from Experienced Instructors

With most Specialty camps these days, there are some form of accolades for specialists.  At this camp we will like to give these players a variety of chances to showcase their abilities and improve.  A list of awards are below:

Event Elite photo

This year we selected our ‘Special Ops Event Elite’ specialist who were selected as the ‘pound for pound’ top specialist for their respective graduating classes.  These top specialists were very exceptional and deserve some immediate collegiate attention.
·         JUCO- Ruan Albuquerque- K/P
·         JUCO- Eric Tusa- K/P
·         ‘14- Donnie Mavencamp- P
·         ’15- CJ Schwintek- Long Snapper
·         ’16- Cameron Hausman-K/P
·         ’16- Isaac Stadler- K/P
·         ’17- Chase Sullivan- K/P
·         ’18- Matthew Jaeger- K/P
·         ’18- Savannah Curtis- K/P
·         ’19- Nathan Willis- K/P
·         Mr. NSC Award- Ruan Albuquerque

There were a number of campers that performed well at camp. There was also designated periods of camp that focused on instruction and demonstration in which the campers responded well.

Below were the top overall specialists for each recruiting class and their performance videos:

JUCO Class
1. Ruan Albuquerque- K/P- RCTC (MN)- 2 year Starter (Camp Video)- 2 years eligibility
2. Danny Laudet- K/P- Century College (MN)- (Camp Video)- 3 years eligibility
3. Eric Tusa- K/P- Univerisity of MN Student (MN)- 1 year starter at St Olaf (Camp Video)- 3 years eligibility

College Division Class
1. Samuel Madeke- Punter- U of Concordia St Paul (MN) (No Camp Video)
2. Donnie Mavencamp- Punter- U of MN- Morris (MN) (No Camp Video)
3. Drew Cornwell- Kicker/Punter- U of Concordia St Paul (MN) (No Camp Video)

Class of 2015
1. Alex Trana- Rosemount HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)
2. CJ Schwintek- Becker HS (MN)- Long Snapper (Camp Video and 2)
3. Rodrigo Laureiro- Edina HS (MN)- Kicker (Camp Video)
4. Tyler Hanson- Prior Lake HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)

Class of 2016
1. Cameron Hausman- New Richmond HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (CampVideo)
2. Isaac Stadler- Northfield HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (No Camp Video)
3. Seamus Wilson – Eagan HS (MN)- Long Snapper (Camp Video and 2)
4. Connor O’Fallon- Shakopee HS (MN)- Kicker (Camp Video)
5. Zach Savitz- Hopkins HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (No Camp Video)

Class of 2017
1. Chase Sullivan- Mahtomedi HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)
2. Kenneth Watkins - Rosemount HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)
3. Austin Solors- Elk River HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)
4. Evan Tolkkinen- Delano HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)
5. Jack Lundgren- Osseo HS (MN)- Long Snapper (Camp Video and 2)

Class of 2018
1. Matthew Jaeger- Armstrong HS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)
2. Savannah Curtis- Ives HS (WI)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)
3. Parker Geffre- Aberdeen Central HS (SD)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)

Middle School Class
1. Nathan Willis- Dakota Mills MS (MN)- Kicker/Punter (No Camp Video)
2. Mason Lowell- St Thomas Academy (MN)- Punter (Camp Video)
3. John Copeland- St Thomas Academy (MN)- Kicker (No Camp Video)
4. CJ Dean- Black Hawk MS (WI)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)
5. Mateo Mora- Akira Toki MS (WI)- Kicker/Punter (Camp Video)

Top Long Snappers
1. CJ Schwintek- 2015- Becker HS (MN) (Camp Video and 2)
2. Seamus Wilson- 2016- Eagan HS (MN) (Camp Video and 2)
3.  Jack Lundgren- 2017- Osseo HS (MN) (Camp Video and 2)

We had a great camp with these young specialists and we look forward to future camps. 
To Check out our 2015 Kicking Camps, check out Special Teams Football Academy or Team Jackson Kicking.

Northern Specialist Camp Video Recap

For more information on these specialists please contact us!

Join us at our next 3 camps together:
Feb 14-16- NCS Super Camp- Phoenix, AZ
April 11- NCS Championship Camp- Oklahoma City, OK
April 12- Central Specialist Camp- Little Rock, AR at War Memorial Stadium (Includes NCS Rating)

We all had a great time!  See you next year!

 Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
Special Teams Football Academy 

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