Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8th Grade Kicker Becomes Varsity Football Starter

I'm very proud to announce a FIRST for Special Teams Football Academy.  This may even be a first in the state of Minnesota or even Nationwide in 'modern time' of high school football kicking.

Aaron Salmon, an 8th grader, I've been training just this summer and winter, made the Varsity team as their kicker for Mankato Loyola (MN)!

I always felt that Aaron was a gifted kicker and punter for his age and was going to have a bright future based on how he was kicking as just an 8th grader. But I was extremely proud (and not necessarily surprised) to hear he made Varsity as their kicker.

In our lesson just last week (08/16/13) he kicked his personal best Field Goal at 41 yards.  Then later that week he connected on a 41 yard Field Goal in practice with live snap and hold.

Even as a punter he averages close to 28-30 yards a punt with a 3.3-3.5 sec hang time at our lessons.

He's developed very good mechanics as a kicker and punter so far.  He has great balance, strong leg speed and a great follow through.  I believe he has the maturity and focus to handle kicking pressures at the varsity level.  It will be exciting to see how his first year goes.  It will be a learning experience for him, of which he will be able to learn from for years to come.

Some may say that a 41 yard Field Goal range isn't that far, but it's extremely far for an 8th grader.  Also a very small percentage of High School football programs attempt Field Goals in games long than 40 yards.  As Aaron develops more his distance will come and Mankato Loyola kicking camp will become something to watch out for.

Special Teams Football Academy kickers are making history!

Here are a few videos of him kicking last week at our 1 on 1 lesson:
2 Consecutive 41 yard Field Goals
10 Consecutive 30 yard Field Goals 

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