Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 1- Special Teams Players of the Week (2015)

Our Player of the Week posts are designed to recognize the top kicking, punting and long snapping performances of the week in Minnesota at the High School Level.  We'd also like to recognize the top performances of some of our student athletes that we've helped train at the Collegiate and High School Level from across the US.

In the first full week of play for Minnesota high school football programs, we saw a lot of great performances. There were a number of stand out performances, but nothing stood out more than Aaron Salmon of Cleveland High School in MN.  Aaron kicked 10 PATs which made him the top kicking point scorer in Minnesota.

Top Punter of the week was Mac Brown of St Thomas Academy.  He had 6 punts for 248 yards and a 41.33 yard average. 

Top Kicker
  • Aaron Salmon- Cleveland HS- 10 for 10 PATs- 10 points

Honorable Mention
  • Brady Leach- Moorhead HS- 3 for 3 PATs & 2 FGs of 29 & 44 yards- 9 points
  • Matthew Jaeger- Armstrong HS- 5 for 5 PATs, 1 FG of 31 yards, 7 KOs with 4 TBs and a 60+ ave- 8 points
  • Nathan Girtz- Pierz HS- 5 for 5 & 1 FG of 25 yards- 8 points
  • Connor Schaaf- Anoka HS- 1 for 1 PATs & 2 FGs of 28 & 35 yards- 7 points
  • Lincoln Brown- Eagan HS- 4 for 5 PATs & 1 FG of 29 yards, 6 KOs with 4 TBs- 7 points
  • Ben Schwartz- Mankato East- 4 for 4 PATs & 1 FG of 32 yards- 7 points

Top Punter
  • Mac Brown- St Thomas Academy- 6 punts for 248 total yards and a 41.33 ave.

Honorable Mention
  • KJ Downey- Blaine HS3 punts for 178 total yards and a 59.3 ave.
  • Austin Schlenker- Cambridge-Isanti HS3 punts for 109 total yards and a 36.3 ave
  • Sam Adeniyi- Roseville HS3 punts for 108 total yards and a 36.0 ave
  • Louie Varland- North St Paul HS4 punts for 140 total yards and a 35.0 ave

Top Long Snapper

  • Seamus Wilson- Eagan HS- 8 great snaps- 5 short/3 long 

Congratulations Everyone!

Coach Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
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