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From Beginner To 'All Canadian' Kicker In 1 Year | The Nathan Mesher Story

From Beginner To 'All Canadian' Kicker In 1 Year | The Nathan Mesher Story

Press Release- Waterloo, Canada

It all started with a winters visit to Maple Grove, Minnesota at the end of 2012. Chris Husby, Professional Kicking Coach of Special Teams Football Academy, was holding a winter training clinic for kickers and snappers in the Minnesota area. 

Coming off a successful soccer season as region champions 'SJAM,' kicker Nathan Mesher of Sir John A McDonald High School, (HC Josh Alexander) had caught attention of university football scouts but was unsure of what his real abilities might be. Nathan contacted Coach Husby and asked if he could come by while home for the holidays (Wisconsin Native) and get some training tips and an assessment of his potential kicking abilities. 

Nathan had never kicked before that season and as an international soccer player was facing decisions as he had been approached by a Canadian university for playing both soccer and now football at the university level. "Chris Husby's training was awesome, and he pointed me in all the right directions. The encouragement was just what I need," Nathan said.

Nathan training with Coach Husby at Winter Clinics.
"We saw Nathan as a natural but untrained talent with a very smooth swing and that 'pop' that can catch your attention," said Husby, "However we were clear that in order to
compete, Nathan needed to start a train regimen and start competing at various evaluation Kicking Camps."
With great instruction and confidence, Nathan returned to Waterloo, Canada and began to train. He started with kicking into kicking nets while awaiting the snow to melt. Once the snow melted, Nathan attend a kicking camp held at the prestigious Queens University. There he hit 45 yard field goals consistently and attracted the head coaches attention. Coach Sheenan told Nathan, "you can kick the football very well, but you need to play football. Go join the summer varsity leagues. You must have more experience to come kick here."
Nathan continued to train, now outside, he was allowed to kick at the Wilford Laurier University on university goal posts to become more precise and accurate. 3 times a week and a bag of balls, Nathan then returned to Special Teams Football Academy but this time it was to attend the NCS Top Tier All American Kicking Camp in St Paul, MN, to Chart, Compete and be Evaluated.

Nathan took top honors winning awards for 'Top All Around Specialist,' 'Top Punting Chart' and 'Top Field Goal Chart.'

Nathan Mesher (right) earned 'Top All Around Specialist'
"It was at this event, based on Coach Husby and his staff's encouragement that I realized that I had what it takes and I needed to get serious about kicking," said Nathan. So training moving forward, now became a bag of balls almost daily vs just a couple days a week.

Nathan soon joined the U19 KW Predators Football Team (HC Kevin Horn) in June and by the end of the season was the top kicker in the league in field goal percentage going 9 for 10. This season was all played in a University Stadium on university regulation uprights. However, according to Coach Shenahn and to be considered for university football, he told Nathan, "you need to play football."

Nathan then signed up for the U23 Canadian Junior Football Leagues KW Predators Team (HC James MacArthur). Nathan had a sensational season shattering team records and winning the Ontario All Star nod for best place kicker as he went 15 for 16 on Field Goals and won both the conference and Canadian league kicking titles.

On Nov 8th, Nathan was award and named to the CJFL "All Canadian Team." An award only given to 'one player per position' in all of Canada. Nathan was named the Top Kicker in Canada!  Read List of 2013 CJFL All Canadian Team recipients. This honor earned him a beautiful commemorative ring.

He was the only high school kicker to ever win this award.

CJFL "All Canadian Team"- Canada's Top Overall Kicker
All this wouldn't have been possible, if it weren't for his amazing soccer coaches who let him do this. "I'd like to personally thank Duncan Wilde and Billy Steele for all of their support during this process," said Nathan.

For Nathan, the kicking season wasn't over yet. Despite playing in 2 football leagues over the summer, he also was one of the captains with the Toronto Lynx, and played 10 games in the US Super Y League (one of the Top Soccer levels in the Nation), where his team, had an undefeated season and ranked #1 in the Midwest. Their team played in the US Finals at IMG in Florida (Over December).

Nathan recently signed to play football with Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario. The University offers one of the Top Business programs in Canada. 

Signing with Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario
Nathan has asked to thank all his family, friends, teammates, kicking coach and team coaches who all help put him in the position the be successful.  

"From Special Teams Football Academy to 'All Canadian Team,' The path to 'Best In Class'... thanks for your support Coach Husby," said Nathan Mesher. "Train with a program with a PROVEN track record." 

Congratulations Nathan!

Chris Husby
Professional Kicking Coach and Owner
Special Teams Football Academy 

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