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How To Make A Highlight Film- For Specialists

How To Make A Highlight Film- For Specialists

Making a highlight film is probably the most popular question we receive at Special Teams Football Academy.  Here is a reference guide to creating a highlight film for kickers, punters and long snappers. But please know that you can apply these ideas to any position and any sport.

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Many of the tips have been accumulated from various sources:  Recruiting and Kicking Coaches,, and Our Personal Experiences.

Steps on How To Make A Highlight Film:
  • Put your best stuff first.  Recruiters/Coaches may only give you 2 minutes to impress them.  Show them your Wow Factor!
  • Try to make your video between 2-5 minutes in length.
  • Have a short intro slide.
  • For Kickers-  Show your 5-6 longest FGs first.  Then show your top 5-6 kickoffs (or show KOs first if you have a few kickoffs that sail out of the back of the end zone), and then finish with your best PATs.  Show a few onside, pooch and squib kicks.
  • For Punters-  Show your longest and best hang time punts first.  If you were versatile in corner, directional and pooch punts show those as well.  Show your best punts when you punt out of the end zone.  Coaches want to see how you hand that pressure.  No need to show punts that fly 20 yards and roll 30 yards.  You can show those 50 yard punts that roll, if the punt flew 35+ yards. 
  • For Kickers/Punters- You'll have to decide what you want to show first between punts or kicks.
  • For Long Snappers- Show your most accurate snaps first.  Show punt snaps first since they are more difficult.  If you make a tackle or help with a tackle after a punt snap show that.  Show your best short snaps too.  If you play any other positions, I would put 1-2 minutes of game film from your other positions so you can show a coach you are a multidimensional player.
  • Start the clip a couple seconds before the snap. Give the coach a few seconds to scan the field, locate where you are, although it should be obvious to find you if you are a kicker or punter. And let the play go to the end.
  • There isn't a big need for major special effects, but if you can add a circle or arrow next to you on the film, that will give the recruiter a quicker point of reference.  If you can, highlight the flight of the ball too.  Some game film isn't the clearest.   
  • Here is an interesting point of reference if found on  I semi disagree, but I see their point.  If you want to put your stats first, only make the slides 2-3 seconds long, but maybe reiterate your stats at the end. 
    • *DON'T: Put your stats/honors at beginning of the reel- No player has ever earned a scholarship offer based on all-star selections. It is fine to list stats and awards at the end of your reel. But again, coaches want to see your clips when they hit "play."
  • Make a slide listing your current season’s stats and your rank in the state (ie- Had 50 points kicking and was the #4 ranked kicker in the state).
  • Make a slide listing your last years stats if you’d like to show them
  • Make a slide showing any awards you have received from your performances in season, or from kicking or other football camps.
  • Include ranks and star ratings that you have earned from the Showcase/Evaluation camps you have attended. (ie- Finish #2 overall kicker at camp ABC, or Ranked 3rd best kicker according to Company XYZ).
  • If you created your highlight film on HUDL, make sure you buy your highlight film file so you can put it on YouTube.  Depending on your HUDL settings, outsiders may needs your log in and password.  If a password is needed, it's best to just buy the package so you own the video. College coaches are busy, make things easy on them.
  • Send Coach Husby the file of your highlight film or a link to your YouTube Highlight film so he can keep it on file for college coaches.  Or give it to any coach you want to have your highlight film.
  • If you have highlight film from the previous year, connect that link in the body/notes area of your YouTube video so coaches have a chance to see that.
  • List contact information for you, your parents, High School Coach and any private coaches that helped train you.  Include your home address, phone numbers and e-mails, your parents and your coaches contact information is essential at end of the highlights.  You should include this in writing in the packet you send out, but it also should be included on your highlight film. **If you trained with Chris Husby and his staff privately, at clinics or at camps, you may list him as a reference.  You can list his phone number and email.  Also give him (or any referral contact) a heads up you are using him as a referral so they are ready for any potential calls or emails.
Here is an example of Coach Husby's highlight film from college.

  • If you need to hire a highlight video expert, there is no one I trust more than, Craig Norkus of  To read more about him and to contact him, please click here.  Refer Special Teams Football Academy and receive a discount.

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