Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ordering A Vinyl Sports Banner

With running a business like Special Teams Football Academy, there are always products that you have to buy to replace or upgrade.  I had a great experience with this one company that I thought I'd give a "Shout out" to and recommend them to others if you are ever in need of a vinyl Sports Banner Sign.

I had a number of kicking camps coming up and was looking for a quality banner I could purchase that I could hang out at the entrance of my camps.  I came across "Banners on the Cheap" and "Signs on the Cheap" and found this company to have some quality product options.  I was able to customize pretty easily the look of the sign I wanted to have, and the rates were very reasonable.  

I had to talk to someone in customer service and it was easy to communicate my questions with them and they were pretty quick to respond back to my email inquires.  They even helped expedite my order to allow me to receive my Sign in time for my camp.

Here is a picture of how my banners turned out.

Here is a quick link to see this companies products.

Cheap Bandit Signs
Custom Car Magnets

If you have any questions about my experiences please contact me.

-Coach Husby


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