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SuperDad: Chris Husby

Last week I was contacted and featured in the "Super Dad" Featured article from the website  It's a hilarious Daily Blog from Scott Schneweis, who blogs about his experiences of as a new dad.  Below is the article featuring Coach Chris Husby of Special Teams Football Academy.

SuperDad: Chris Husby

I'm not sure if Chris Husby is a better dad or field goal kicker. Perhaps we should put him through some sort of Dad Combine to decide.

Chris Husby is a former NFL prospect and all-around good guy who runs Special Teams Football Academy. He is also a SuperDad. His daughter Olivia is 15 months old and Chris talks about her with more excitement than he talks about football (which is saying something). In search of some useful advice – preferably in the form of sports cliches – I sat down with Coach Husby to talk fatherhood.

Alright Chris, is it tough for a guy’s guy to raise a little girl?
I joke about teaching her how to kick a football, so that she’ll be the first NFL female kicker. I do dress her up in Twins and Vikings outfits.  About 3/4 of our family are Packer fans so I’m trying really hard early on to get her to like the Vikings before everyone else corrupts her.
You’ve been a dad for 15 months now, what’s been your favorite part? 
Watching her grow and develop from a 30-week old premee into being able to walk, clap and say a few words and know that you helped get her to that point. It’s amazing and a little scary to be fully responsible for a human life. 

And the worst part, other than the fear that comes with being responsible for a human life, that is?
3 a.m. feedings when she won’t go to bed aren’t too fun.

Rosalie is three months old. What’s the best advice you can give me for this period in her life? 
Every week just gets better.  Once she gets mobile, the new things she’ll do are endless.  It’s cool watching her learn all these new motor skills that you teach her, and that I used to think were 2nd nature. It will make you rather come home after work than go out and do anything else.

What about for the future, what’s the one piece of advice you would give me?
Start saving money for college.

And the past? What would you go back and tell yourself before Olivia was born?
Get more sleep. Go to bed early.  Start a week before the due date.

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Chris Husby

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